Central Hudson Gas & Electric (CHGE),
Former Kingston MGP Site

Project Details

Project Name | Former Kingston MGP Site,
Design/BuildClient |Central Hudson Gas &Electric;
Electric (CHGE)
Engineer | O’Brien & Gere; Steve Anagnost,
(315) 956-6259
Location | Kingston, New York
Date | March 2016 – April 2017

Project Highlights

>Design / Build/Permit 60 to 100 percent in
less than 6 months; phased design
>Installation of permanent steel bulkhead
and temporary steel containment wall
>Dredging and management of 25,000 cy of
river sediments
>In-situ solidification of 20,000 cy of upland
>Installation of composite subaqueous cap
over gas main river crossings, requiring
diver-assisted hydraulic removal of
>Preparation of work plans and permitting
packages to support NYSDEC and USACE

Project Summary

LAND Remediation served as a remedial construction subcontractor to O’Brien & Gere for the development of the 60 percent design and permitting package to remediate the CHGE former Kingston MGP Site. The program included ISS of 20,000 cy of upland soils, installation of a 450 lf permanent steel bulkhead, over 2,000 lf of in-river temporary containment sheeting, dredging of 25,000 cy of sediments, established navigational bypasses, removal and demolition of a dry-dock within the navigational channel, on-site management of sediment for disposal within a Subtitle D landfill, excavation of soils within active gas transmission and distribution substations, and capping of an in-river gas main crossing. LAND self-performed 90 percent of the project scope. Recognized by CHGE for exceptional attention to safety, with nearly 30,000 man-hours with zero safety incidents.

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