National Grid,  Schermerhorn Creek MGP Site

Project Details

Project Name | Schermerhorn Creek Isolation Project
Client | National Grid; Garry Cummins,
(315) 428-6073
Engineer | O’Brien & Gere
Location | Schenectady, New York
Date | November 2012 – January 2014

Project Highlights

> Re-routing natural gas transmission lines
> Install 50,000 gpm creek bypass
> Install 1,200 lf of 48” HDPE pipe
> Installation of 2,400 lf of sheet pile
> Installation of 1,200 lf of box culvert
> Temporary water treatment
> Vibration monitoring
> 15,000 tons of sediment and soil for off-site disposal

Project Summary

LAND Remediation provided an alternate approach to the creek bypass system that saved the client approximately $900,000 over the original bypass design and provided 75 percent more capacity in the system. LAND Remediation built a lift station to capture the water from the culvert upstream of the work area and pump it to a head tank, which allowed the water to be gravity-flowed around the work area. LAND Remediation installed 1,200 lf of concrete box culvert, performed all the sediment excavation support installation, excavation, backfilling, and site restoration activities. LAND Remediation also installed and operated a 200 gallon per minute water treatment system throughout the duration of the project.

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