National Fuel Gas, Gastown Former MGP Site

Project Details

Project Name | Gastown Former MGP Site
Client | National Fuel Gas
Engineer | GEI Consultants; Dan Kopcow, PE, (607) 216-8976
Location | Tonawanda, New York
Date | April 2014 – April 2015

Project Highlights

> In Situ Solidification Upland Soils – 25′ BGS – 15,000 cy
> Design and permitting development from 60 percent to 100 percent within 6 months
> Installation of ISS vertical column compression ring as repository for sediments (photo above)
> Dredging and management of Tonawanda Creek sediments (photo top) along Erie Canal bikeway adjacent to rail bridge
> DNAPL  Collection Trench System adjacent to occupied structures and creek
> Extensive utility relocation

Project Summary

LAND Remediation served as a remedial construction subcontractor to GEI Consultants for the completion of a 100 percent design and permitting package for the Gastown MGP Site and adjacent Tonawanda Creek. The program included abatement and demolition of on-site structures, ISS of 15,000 cy of upland soils, dredging, stabilization and backfill of sediments within Tonawanda Creek, installation of three one-pass collection trenches (subcontracted to DeWind), installation of vertical soil mix compression ring around the former gas holder to serve as on-site repository for creek sediments, restoration of Tonawanda Creek banks, and extensive pedestrian/traffic control and utility relocation to maintain access to active tenants during remediation. LRI self-performed 85 percent of the work including treatability testing to support the ISS work.

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